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Re: [IP] Positive Attitude-Time to get back to pumping:)

Hey Karen,
Don't understand what you mean in your message..I hope you are able to get
your BGs down. BTW what type pump are you on? I don't recall that- sorry.
My attitude when I have pain is that I HURT and I have tried to have a
"postive" attitude but it did nothing for my physical pain and I decided
that I as a human no longer have to hide what I really feel going on with
me because if I did that I would be lying and G-d certainly would not
approve of lying to myself. In fact He tells us about that in the New
You know- I do have numbness but it has nothing to do with faith or
attitude. It is some neuropathy for which neurontin has really helped me
with this thank goodness!
And now we must get on with talking about diabetes and pumping as this is
what this list is for :)  I am so thankful this list exists for
pumping..The other discussions ought to go private email. 
Have a great weekend!
one of the IP-ADMIN 

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>Dear Laura :-))
>I have been given a red flag. My blood sugar is out of control at 250-300. 
>The incredible PAIN has EVERY hair on my body in extreme alarm. Every
>every movement screams. I am blessed that this signal is active instead of 
>numbness and tingling. I must be both nurse and patient. A day late and a 
>dollar short my family will finally come to at least offer a drink of water.
>I still CHOOSE an attitude to support not smother. I choose to have a brief 
>moment of hysteria and THEN it is back to the job on hand. I use the energy 
>that I have to render the care I must initiate.
>Attitude is Everything
>Own a positive attitude when looking for ways to solve the problems that you 
>can solve.
>Emphasize attitude through your posture, your moves, your voice, and always 
>in your presence.
>Your attitude is something other people can actually see.
>Anything you do with a positive attitude will work for you.
><A HREF="Rexall.com/KMartinRNMA">UCare4U2.com</A>  (visit if you choose)
>God given priorities are accomplished.
>Karen Martin, RN MA
>IDDM 31
>MM 17
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