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I do agree with your great support to keep fighting your diabetes 
and don't give up. I have been a diabetic for 36 years I got it 1 
month before JFK was assassinated that's how I always remember 
it . I was only 3 1/2 years old but ever since I have been fighting it. 
There have been a few times I thought my life was coming to an 
end, but by the grace of God he as aloud me to live with this 
disease for 36 years. It has not been easy and I am thankful that I 
have had a supportive family, however they don't totally understand 
the disease like I do but they have been there when I have needed 
them. It really encourages me to see others giving supportive 
advise. I also feel it is extremely important to find the right Dr. for 
your disease, because I had one that was already righting me off 
as dying or developing severe complications, which could lead to 
my death. That's when I said who died and left you God.? So that's 
when I started really fighting for my own well being and found one of 
the best Diabetic Doctors in the country in my opinion. My life 
totally changed around after seeing him and learned more about 
my disease in 1 office visit  than I did in all the previous years of 
being diabetic. He has been very supportive and encouraging which 
anyone would like even without a disease. When my mom was told 
that I was diabetic they told her at that time my life expectancy 
was only about 20 years. I have almost doubled that. I have had 
many insulin or hypo events there for I have no I problems with my 
eyes and have stabilized my kidney function. The only thing that 
bothers me is that it's very hard finding a date. It seems that 
maybe because I have this disease and am not the most out going 
person in the world people seem to ignore you or some thing like 
that. Also it may  be because of my faith in God it seems that is 
no longer a good thing. However I truly believe because of his Love 
for me I have lived this long with out any major complications. 
Some may say it's just luck or fortunate circumstances, but I say 
the God who could create our world and the universe can surely 
take care of us and even if I have problems down the road that 
doesn't mean he no longer cares for me, but that he has something 
much better waiting for us when we do die. I don't mean to ramble 
on but when I think about all that I have gone through over the past 
36 years I can't help but think God  is greater than all the problems 
we have or ever will have or even our fear and the pain we are going 
through.  He has given us the ability to cope with our disease and 
problems. I hope I have not turned anyone off by my belief, but I 
would be willing to wager all that I have that God is in control of all 
things. I know I can't prove it in this life time but even if I am wrong 
what harm can it do? Thanks again to all of you who are sending 
messages about your situations in dealing with this not so fun 
disease, but as Tracey put it so well we need to keep fighting it 
and give it our best shot no pun intended. keep the FAITH!!!!!  

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On Wed, 10 May 2000 19:41:43 Melissa wrote  

> Please don't give up.....  If not for yourself, do it
> for your friends and family.  I feel personally
> touched because of my college roommate.  You see, her
> father has Type 2 and he doesn't care - he gave up,
> didn't even try to fight diabetes.  Only he was
> "worse" than you because he didn't even try at all.  I
> know you have tried (at least a little bit) because
> you subscribed to this list.

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