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RE:[IP] 1200 calories per day for weight loss

The RD CDEs I worked with will tell you that 1200 calories per day for an 
adult female is the minimum amount of calories that will provide the required 
nutrients (including vitamins, minerals, and fiber) to lose weight. This is 
may or may not be what every adult female needs. No one should be eating 
less, unless there is a temporary medical condition that would dictate 
otherwise. Adolescent females usually require more than 1200 calories per day.
The calorie calculations to lose, maintain, or gain weight are based on total 
body mass, taking into consideration height and weight, body type, and 
We are meant to be the body size our genetics dictate, not Madison Avenue, 
the latest fashion model, Hollywood starlet, or TV personality.
Keep in mind that the 1200 calorie diet is a balanced one, with all food 
groups included in at least 3 meals per day, not a list of foods that add up 
to 1200 calories.
Skipping meals will cause your body to think you are starving, and your liver 
could dump stored glucose causing a BG rise that you might attempt to lower 
with a correction bolus. NOT a good idea, as it sets you up for a 
rollercoaster ride of high and low BGs.
My $0.05.
Barbara B.
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