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Re: [IP] Tracey Scott -- Please Read Long MEssage

I have goose pimples - that is the epitome of reaching out at a very low
point and people not letting you down.  Tracey - I'm glad you are
sounding better tonight.  Hang in!!!!!


> Tracey wrote:
> i feel i need to explain my situation to all of you alittle
> better......i've been recieving tonnes of caring emails and phone
> calls.
> First of all when i wrote the message, i had had a major malfunction
> with my pump, and it had quit working from Disetronic....and i had
> called the 1-800 numbers ffrom disetronic for emergency assistance, i
> called the hospital to see if they had a pump , i called
> everyone......NO ONE HAD ANSWERS
> NO REPLYS, NO ANSWERS, i was really upset, scared, frustrated and
> lost........i figured if the 1-800 numbers i'm supposed to call can't
> help, and my blood sugar is at 28....what am i to do......it's over,
> i'll be back at square one and i had had enough, i can't even get a
> good pump, that's it, DIABETES has failed me again and cost me for the
> last time........so i decided to reach out on the net........
> Everyone had so many different medical opions to offer, but no one was
> here in my own house in my own room with me to help me do a damn
> thing.....i was blind in vision, feeling weak , confused, and yes,
> very desperate........i wasn't even able to go down stairs and get a
> needle.......so i reached out to you......my new friends......and was
> ready to except there is no care, no help....
> I was in awe when my phone started ringing, you people (yes you
> micheal) and i don't know how you do it..... found out where i lived,
> contacted the local police, and yes, they came to get me to give me
> treatment, by this time my father had administered insulin and got me
> out of bed (i was very weak), i recieved phone calls from Micheal (the
> best admin person alive), Jan, Altman., Phil.............and so many
> others from all across the world.....Thank you......
> At my weakest moment,with no return phone calls from the EMERGENCY
> ASISSTANCE TEAMS I WAS SUPPOSED TO CONTACT.... i unplugged the failing
> unit, crawled to bed and went to sleep, without you i may not have
> woke up ever.....THANK YOU......
> However, this didnt' solve my insulin pump problem.....i still had no
> pump, no phone calls from disetronic were answered, no one would
> help........
> Thanks to Micheal from Admin, he and my father were able to contact
> people in the USA, to contact big head office people in Canada, who
> today, (after 42 hours of calling, and researching) i had the
> president of the Canadian Company that operates for Disetronic come to
> my house and hand deliver two pumps.......
> THe best part of this is since everyone from Interpol, and the ontario
> provincial police has heard about my problem it has been introduced to
> the Canadian Health Examiners Office and they are in the proceeds to
> do research for EMT's to be trained on how the pump works, for Police
> officers to be educated, and for Hospitals to carry a pump for people
> who have one and it quites.......
> I hope this is a stepping stone for everyone every where, and that
> disetronic will try to improve their  customer response. I know this
> has taught me that there are many people who care about me......and
> you and will be tehre no matter what.........NEVER GIVE UP........
> Thank you......especially Micheal, and all you who found my
> number.......and called......
> Tracey Scott
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