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Re: [IP] Basal Rate of 0.0?

Laurie Wann wrote:
>  2 hours after breakfast he is usually right in range
> (100-200), but if doesn't eat a snack then, he will drop like a stone
> within an hour!  His basal rate from 8 AM - 9 PM is 0.1- I'm wondering
> if we either need to try diluting his insulin, or going to a basal rate
> of 0.0 for an hour or two (sounds potentially dangerous to me!).  His
> breakfast bolus is 1:10 - I've tried increasing that, but then he is
> high after 2 hours and still drops during the third hour. 

I have a similar pattern -- I am in a normal to high range (180 - 220) 2
hours after breakfast and then I plunge. When I was on shots, I HAD to
eat a snack every morning, or a hypo would be guaranteed. So I do a 0.0
basal every morning from 6 AM to noon. For me, it has worked great --
I'm almost always in the 80 - 110 range before lunch. 

Since Humalog lasts 4 hours, it's not like suddenly cutting off all
insulin supply. In addition, the bolus for breakfast is still there for
4 hours. 

You could TRY setting his basal for 0.0 for one hour right after
breakfast and see what happens over the course of the morning. Then you
can test him frequently, every hour or half hour and see what the trend
is. Obviously, if he starts going too high, you can correct, and it will
tell you that he needs more insulin. Or if he starts to plunge later,
you can prolong the 0.0 rate for another hour. 

Seems to me that diabetes management is trial and error -- as long as
you are checking frequently, and don't let him go into a dangerous
situation, then a little information gathering is a valuable thing.  

Good luck!
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