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Re: [IP] Basal Rate of 0.0?

> Brian (age 4) has been pumping for 4 about weeks now.  Things are
> going pretty well overall, but I do see a pattern in the AM that is
> problematic.  2 hours after breakfast he is usually right in range
> (100-200), but if doesn't eat a snack then, he will drop like a
> stone within an hour! 

Shouldn't need a snack -- this is probably a basal adjustment 

> His basal rate from 8 AM - 9 PM is 0.1- I'm
> wondering if we either need to try diluting his insulin, or going to
> a basal rate of 0.0 for an hour or two (sounds potentially dangerous
> to me!).  

Running a 0.0 basal was OK for us. When Lily first got her pump she 
was still honeymooning -- she ran 0.0u/hr for about 5 hours a day 
during the afternoon for months.

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