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Re: [IP] Reverse of Dawn Phenomenon?

> My 6-yr-old experiences this "dusk phenomenon" too. Not only does he
> run high, but the highs seem to be more resistant to insulin--takes
> several boluses to bring him down. My endo says it is probably
> growth hormone kicking in while he sleeps. I'm trying higher and
> higher basals to try and compensate.

Talk to your endo about this..... My daughter used to have very high 
bg's right after her head hit the pillow. We ultimately decided to 
set a temp basal rate for several hours each night as she went to bed 
to cover her insulin needs. This was sometimes more than double her 
evening basal requirements and usually 30 - 50 % more than the rest 
of her night time rates. We carefully profiled her requirements over 
several days on several weeks to get repeatable data. This all went 
away when she turned 15, but was the norm for several years.

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