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Re: [IP] Phone #'s

> I, for one, think that putting the phone numbers of IP members into
> a database would be a great idea. If it could be done securely. The
> admins should be the only ones with access. The general population
> of IP has no business looking up other member's #'s, unless those
> members want their #'s found. 

There are ways now to get this information in an emergency from other 
agencies. This is not always reliable, but it can be done.

I can add it to the IP information form if you folks wish, I am the 
only one with access to the underlying database except for the person 
who submits the information. Please let me know your thoughts on the 
matter. I am not anxious for Insulin Pumpers to have any more 
confidential info than is necessary for the purpose of generating 
useful statistics. Phone numbers makes me a little uncomfortable. 
Perhaps if the number were added to the database with the 
qualification that it would be used and/or released only in 
situations that were preceived to be urgent by Insulin Pumpers and 
its staff.

email @ redacted
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