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Re: [IP] Need Advice...Sorry so long

>...I really need your advice/help/observation....... I need someone 
> to either tell me I am thinking the right things or
> point me in a new direction.

Just a reminder for everyone. It is one thing to offer ideas as well 
as share your experiences and what you have learned about diabetes 
and it's management. It is quite another to give medical advice. 
Please leave the medical advice to the medical professionals. 

I'm sure many of us have had similar problems with diabetes 
management, and while I expect your experience will provide valuable 
insight to those with similar problems, it is not a substitute for 
proper medical counseling.

Everyone has always been good about qualifiying their statements or
simply saying "this is what we do". You are all doing a good job and
this reminder is not intended as a criticism or repremand in any way
shape or form.

Insulin Pumpers subscribes to the HONORcode Principals of the Health 
on the Net Foundation which has specific guidelines about offering 
medical advice. Please click their icon at the bottom of our web site 


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