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[IP] Re: Batteries for pump

Ruth...hope that the 21 batteries you purchased wholesale are GREAT!  

I had a LO BATTERY ALARM after 11 p.m. last night.

Nine days ago MM sent me the WRONG pump - instead of returning my MM
507C in blue I received a charcoal 507 with batteries.  In returning the
WRONG pump via Priority Mail back to MM; the instructions said to REMOVE
the batteries which I did.

So last night...I replaced my batteries in the loaner pump (which I have
had since 01/15/00) with the MM batteries I removed from the WRONG pump
sent here nine days ago.

Ten minutes later...I received an OFF NO POWER ALARM !  From using the
MM batteries!

Needless to say...I replaced these with the 357's I had purchased here
locally for $1.97 ea. and so far...these are working.

BTW...not a single word from MM on what happened to my original pump!
Still awaiting word from MM!

I do not care for the loaner pump...it has lost its entire memory from
the first LO BATTERY ALARM even though I had immediately put in fresh
batteries AND has had  other ALARMS.  It is an older model than the my

Becky LaSpina
IDDM 43 years  Pump since 12/29/98

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