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Re: [IP] Reverse of Dawn Phenomenon?

this is the never ending saga in our household.  but..lately, we have taken
a new approach.

it appears that dinner and  food eaten afterwards,  tends to be on the fatty
side, as opposed to breakfast  (high carbs) and lunch.  therefore...we were
seeing a delayed effect during the hours mentioned.
if we raised geneva's basals,  and she slept, she would be fine.  but...if
she did a sleepover, and was moving around, she would crash.  so we instead
are only raising her night time basals from .5 (running almost all day
long)...up to .6   from 10 pm - 11 pm,  (we were at one point up to 1.2 from
8 pm until 11 pm!)   and we really raised her after 9 pm carb ratio to
handle these fatty foods.  (I say fatty because she doesn't eat any meat all
day ...only at dinner....  also cheese.)

so this has seemed to solve our problem.  the food eaten from 9 pm is
handled quite well with a 1:12 carb ratio.  she is on 1:20 for lunches and
dinners.  I am for the first time seeing numbers in the low 100's and even
high 90's at our 11:45 pm check.  she then drops like a rock from hours
midnight until 3 am.

our basals thus far are as follows:

12 midnight - 3 am     .3
4 am  -  8:30  am       .5
8:30 am -   10 am       .3
10,  11 am                   .2
12 noon  -  3 pm           .3
3 pm -   9 pm               .5
9 pm -  11 pm              .6  (or .5 or .7...depending on growth!)

carb ratios:

breakfast    1:12  ( again..covering those waffles and starchy cereals)
lunch/dinner    1:20
after  9 pm        1:12

this is just how we handled the situation.  after a year of pumping and
testing and getting frustrated with what we thought was a dusk phenomenon,
we found that it is the food that is affecting night time bgs.
granted,  geneva does occasionally have a period in which she is growing
right after falling asleep.  I saw this last night.  but it is only once in
awhile ....and I just have to correct in the middle of the night.  if I
dont'...she  awakens around 250.  if I start tinkering with those night time
basals too much,  she almost always goes low if staying up late.  now, you
could do the temp basal thing, setting  basal higher as the head hits the
pillow.  but realistically,  geneva would prob. not remember to do this at a
sleepover.  she ends up falling asleep when she least expects to!   so, we
can't go this route until she is older and more responsible.

YMMV.   as they say.

mom to 11 yr. old geneva

> My son is new to the pump but his blood sugars tend to be higher - 250-300
> between the hours of 10pm to 2am.  The rest of the night he runs lower and
> has even ended up low in the morning

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