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Re: [IP] Butt Sites

Thanks Nancy
No - the infusion sets I use don't have a disconnect.  They are called Sub Q 
Sets and are made by Baxter.  They have a needle that stays in the site and 
come with an adhesive "built in".  The adhesive part is circular and about 3 
cms across.  I will give it a go when I change next on Saturday morning.
Take care

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>Subject: Re: [IP] Butt Sites
>Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 13:30:39 EDT
>Yes, I use the rapid and use it in many other places other than my stomach.
>I like butt sites, and just started using boob sites.  That one sounded
>really scary to me but I got brave, with the help of someone else on the 
>and tried it.  It is completely painless.  I love the boob site.  Don't be
>afraid to try other places.  What is the worst that could happen?  A little
>pain?  We are used to that.  If it hurts take it back out, you would do 
>if it were in your stomach wouldn't you?  So you use a set and don 't want 
>waste one.  Well, I wouldn't consider it wasted even if it didn't work for 
>least you have tried another place.  Actually with the Rapid's since it has
>the needle I have many times removed one from one place put alcohol on it 
>put it right back in another place.  That is one of the reasons that I like
>the rapid so much.
>Now, I have a question: The set you mentioned, does it have a needle that
>stays in the site?  Does it disconnect and is it MM?
>Thanks and hope this helps you.  Go for it girl and let me know how it 
>Nancy 35 years D 12 years pumping.
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