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Re: [IP] Gail Steele

Dear Gail
I understand your apprehension!  But you shouldn't be apprehensive at all.  
I didn't know much about pumps when my dr recommended I have one.  I had 
similar thoughts to you about it looking ugly and what would my boyfriend 
think and what clothes would I be able to wear.  I had tears in my eyes 
during my pump training even.  Now I love it and it has so changed my life 
for the better - go for it I say!

>From: Gail Steele <c>
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>Subject: Re: [IP] Gail Steele
>Date: Tue, 09 May 2000 19:27:18 +0000
>Thanks for responding to my profile.  I didn't start thinking about the 
>pump until that
>happened to me last week.  It was the first time it ever happened while I 
>was driving.  I am
>still shook up about it!  I spent all day Sunday on the internet 
>researching the pump and
>finding out as much as I could.  I was really excited about it but today I 
>started having
>second thoughts.  I started thinking about how unattractive it will look 
>having that tube
>taped to my stomach when it is just "me and my husband".  He says he 
>doesn't care what it
>looks like.  He is all for me doing this.  I guess what I am feeling right 
>now is probably
>normal.  Can you tell me if it is?  And if so, will get past that?  There 
>are still things
>that I am wondering about the pump.  Like how much insulin does it hold?  
>Is it a vial of
>insulin or something else?  I feel like I am asking stupid questions but I 
>keep scanning
>everything in hopes of finding answers.  Anything you can provide me with 
>would help!  I did
>find out that my health insurance will cover the pump.  All but $100.  
>Thanks again for your
>denise poole wrote:
> > Welcome to the list Gail! You and I seem to have some things in common 
>here. I
> > am 43 and have had DM since I was 13. I also was very "brittle" while on
> > shots. A little over 3 years ago, on my way from just leaving my PCP, I 
> > my driving was "off". I figured I lived so close it was nothing to worry
> > about. I drove all the way to the to the corner store by my 
>sub-division, went
> > in the store with the intention of getting something
> > to treat my low with. Well I guess I was too far gone by then, couldn't 
> > up my mind what to buy, so I got back in my car to finish the 3 0r 4 
> > drive home. Well I didn't make it! I passed out and totaled my car when 
> > drove into a telephone pole! Luckily I didn't hurt anyone but myself, a 
> > sternum and rib. Well immediately after that, my PCP sent me to a Endo 
>and she
> > suggested the pump. I was like you, thought it was something they had to
> > surgically implant, became depressed at he idea. Well 3 months later I 
> > hooked up and I can tell you it's the greatest thing I ever did for my
> > control! I think you will benefit from a pump too, especially for 
> > problems especially. Denise
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