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[IP] Re: Diabetes Has Won (VERY Long, But Please Read All Of It Anyway)


I know I am probably the millionth person to write
you....  But I thought I could give you some advice,
since your message has touch me as I believe it has
touched most of the people on this list who have read

The advice I am going to give you is just that,
advice.  It is my way of saying that I care about you
and was touched by what you wrote; it affected me.  I
am not saying I am wiser than you, or better, or even
know more about diabetes.  The fact is I have only had
diabetes for a 1 1/2 years.  But I DO know that maybe
I can give you (and the rest of the people who are
reading this) something to think about.

No one likes having diabetes.  I think most of us wish
we had never heard of this disease.  But you do have
friends.  Even if we are your only friends, we are
here for you....  You also have family.  I know, I
know, most family members drive us crazy with
statements like, "You can eat that!?!" (Or something
similar.)  It only show how much they care.  As much
as I hate it when my (uneducated) family members
refuse to listen to me, I only know they do not want
to see me hurt.

Please don't give up.....  If not for yourself, do it
for your friends and family.  I feel personally
touched because of my college roommate.  You see, her
father has Type 2 and he doesn't care - he gave up,
didn't even try to fight diabetes.  Only he was
"worse" than you because he didn't even try at all.  I
know you have tried (at least a little bit) because
you subscribed to this list.  

Now, he faces many complications: heart problems (he
has had several heart attacks), blindness, neuropathy,
end stage renal disease (his kidneys are functioning
at less than 15 or 20%), etc., etc.  

I know you are wondering why I am mentioning this,
well, here's why: his daughter, my roommate is
TERRIFIED of diabetes.  When she found out I had
diabetes, she was scared of me....  I think she
thought I would die or develop serious complications
right then and there in front of her.  She thought all
diabetics were like her father.  Worse, her father
didn't even tell her ANYTHING about his disease.  (She
didn't even know which type he had at the time!)  She
is upset because her father may not even live the rest
of this year.  He probably won't live to see her
graduate, get married, have kids....  That gets me
sad, because his decision to let diabetes destroy his
life also met he destroyed part of her life as

I am not saying having diabetes is fun.  I don't go
around campus jumping up and down for joy and yelling,
"Yippeeee!  I get to give my self a shot now!" 
(Actually, I wish someone would give my
syringe/pen/etc. a shot!)  It is frustrating.  But you
can't give up - your decision affects not only your
life but those around you and those people in the
future who are (or can be) around you.

Diabetes has taken my roommate's father.  It may have
even taken my roommate as well because of what she saw
and experienced.  She may even develop diabetes.  But
if she ever does, I hope everything I have taught her,
everything she has learned from me will allow her to
make the decision to fight it.  I made it my goal to
make her and other people realize there are those of
us who are willing to fight it until our last breath.

After 3 semesters living with me, she is still afraid
of diabetes.  She still hates it.  (As do I.)  But,
she has begun to be able to see that not all of us are
like her father.  I have even heard her give a few
"diabetes jokes" to another friend of ours who has
diabetes.  It is a small step, but I hope I have made
at least somewhat of a positive contributation to her
life when it comes to this disease.

Please join the fight!  I would hate it if you or
anyone else on this list has to die like her father. 
I would also hate it if other family and friends of
this list have to go through what my roommate has
experienced.  You DO have friends and family who
care.....  You can speak out and educate others
against diabetes by fighting it; you alone can give
people the opportunity to change their views.  I don't
have any control over diabetes, but it is my way of
fighting.  I hope you find yours!  Good luck and
remeber that we are all here to support you!

Pump hugs,

Melissa Collins
email @ redacted
Happily Pumping since being Assimilated February 22, 2000!
To pump or not to pump, that is the question..............

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