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: [IP] EMT's and skills

EMT's are quite knowledgeable, at least the Paramedics like MICU techs and
MICU RN's but frankly pumps are not that common so they don't get to know a
lot about them . Even ER Doc's don't encounter many pumps. The ER Doc in my
previous hospital ER was blown away by the pump and the infusion set. We
went for lunch together and he watched the lead screw rotate and push the
driver arms against the syringe in complete amazement during a bolus. Now he
knows but there are 5 other docs who ain't seen it.  When it comes to a
coronary, a stroke or a traumatic injury they know plenty but as you might
have noticed, how many ER shows deal with DKA or a serious hypo episode,
just as many as deal with a bad allergic reaction or a massive GI bleed.
Those things are common but not dramatic. Just my $0.02 AB

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