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[IP] standardized testing accomodations

I'm curious..
 How many folks take standardized tests with the rest
of the class while retaining the right to eat, test,
etc, etc?
 I got a 504 last summer, and made clear that b/c of
some old problems when I wasn't allowd to eat during
PSATS, that this year I can, during AnY test--for
standardized tests (SOLS, PSATS) that means taking the
test in a special class, with other students, labeled
with "disabilities"....Friday, I start my AP exams,
they haven't told me where I'mt aking them or not, so
I'm assuming with the rest of my class, but most
likely won't be allowed to eat if I don't move---the
coordinator is aware, last month she made me sign
something labeling me as having special accomodations
which would appear on my test results (don't know
what, i just signed it)--that was all i heard, she
hasn't told me that i'm taking it in student services
which is the place where I can eat....(i'm not asking,
b/c i'm just ahppier with everyone else, all of whom
say eating is no distraction for them, since it's rare
 I took SATs last weekend, and they were aware of the
D, went through the whole process for special
accomodations,a dn I was most shocked--the room
administrators not only KNEW, but I was with the
"normal group", they just had me sit in the back of
the room (which others did too since we were full)--
so i'm curious, does the 504 mean that for the right
to eat, at least at school and not like sat's which
aren't at my hs, you have to take it elsewhere, or can
i be stubborn and just do what i need in the regular
room, nad if they have a prob still say i have a 504?
I don't think it says anywhere i should have to be in
another room, and i wouldn't call it a distraction to
others since i don't eat during the actual test unless
there's an emergency....
 Just curious...

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