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[IP] The winning of "Diabetes

Oh Tracy,

 I know that I am one of many that have written encouraging notes and 
probably by the time you read mine you might want to hit delete but  someone 
once told me that someone could tell you something 40 times and you do not 
hear it until the 41st ... so here I am :-) If I could tell you the number of 
times I have wanted to give it all up in my 19 yrs  of having Diabetes the 
breaking of needles asking my Mom Why me? the eating of things I should not 
hoping it would make me ill .. but in the end when "my brain kicked in" I 
looked around and saw and searched and found things I had to look forward too 
.. The people I affect the children's life I am apart of .. what kind of 
example would I be .. I did what it took to find things to live for .. and 
just recently that has brought me to today and Living for me ... Now do not 
get me wrong I am far from the poster child for diabetes ... but all in do 
time :-) 

    You are in your first year of diabetes right? oh the first year is the 
hardest I would think .. especially at 23 a life change ..  again someone 
told me "Life is a test it is only a test, if this was your real life you 
would have been given better instructions " that is for sure I seemed to have 
lost my manual to life so now I just live it .. with its ups and downs .. 
with the appropriate help I know I can make it and you can too ..

     I will be hitting year 19 on Memorial Day weekend I still can remember 
looking out the hospital window trying to see the parade in my town .. 
Learning the ropes and 19 yrs later .. I am finding myself looking for a 
counselor to help me get though this part of my life with Diabetes never mind 
the other  real life stuff that happens .. but it is all about keeping you 
head above water .. sometimes it feels like we are treading forever til 
someone tosses us a life jacket .. but you know what .. you have all of us 
here tossing you several, hold onto that .. no matter if you find the 
strength from me or someone else here, or in you life .. use that to carry on 
and pull your self up .. giving up is the easy part getting though it is the 
hard ...

 Oh boy I have talked enough .. I hope all works out well keep in touch Julie 
- ----------------------------------------------------------
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