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[IP] Re: Second thoughts

(original post--part)
<I was really excited about it but today I started having second
thoughts.  I started thinking about how unattractive it will look having
that tube taped to my stomach when it is just "me and my husband".  He
says he doesn't care what it looks like.  He is all for me doing this.
I guess what I am feeling right now is probably normal.  Can you tell me
if it is?  And if so, will get past that?  There are still things that I
am wondering about the pump.  Like how much insulin does it hold?  Is it
a vial of insulin or something else?>

Hi Gail,

These are all good questions. My pump (MM508) holds up to 300 units of
insulin (3/10 of a bottle) in a special, throw-away unit. You draw it
from regular vials of insulin.

By all means, especially if your husband is supportive, go for the pump.
I started the pump in January, and my wife was not really supportive at
first. But I showed her how easy it is to disconnect for those private
moments, and she has almost gotten used to it now. I think it is a real
plus with your husband already in favor of it.  It will take some
adjustments at first, but your husband is wise--because the pump will
make you feel better for greater periods of time, and so you'll be
happier (and so will he!).

Hope this helps.


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