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Re: [IP] Speaking of Batteries

Shiela -
I have been pumping with a Dis since mid-March, have had to change 03 once,
but haven't had to change 02 yet.  I had been wondering the same thing -
must be so!!! :)  I kept waiting for the 02 alarm to go off once the 03 had
been changed - thinking they would need to be changed pretty close to each
other.   It's fine by me though! ;)
Dawn email @ redacted

> Since there was a thread on batteries I have a question for the Dis. pump
> wearers and their batteries.  I started pumping in January, since then I
> have only had to change one battery (#3) in that time period.  Does the
> other battery (#2) usually last this long (5 months and counting...)?
> Sheila Morris
> Wouldn't you know.............
> Just had to retrieve this from my out box......My 02 alarm just went off.
>  But still is that normal for the 02 battery to last so much longer?

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