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RE: [IP] Re: Diabetes has won

Michael wrote
> I've spoken to Tracey a few minutes ago, she said she was OK.
> The admin team has been on this all morning to make sure we could
> contact her. We will follow up to see that she gets some help.
> Michael
> email @ redacted

I am grateful that Michael spoke to Tracey and will follow through with
ensuring she gets help.
When I read Michael's  message I was talking to my son who lives in Canada
and he reminded me that Minimed and Disetronic have records of all the pumps
sold so that should an emergency occur , a pumper can be located through
these channels.  Having said this, I wish Tracey well and hope that she will
not feel intimidated by the genuine concern the members of this list have
expressed.  At her age I might not have experienced it as love and concern
as  my outlook was too gloomy at the time.  Hopefully, Tracey will have a
better perspective than I did and feel that caring , so that she will want
to live and put in the work necessary to make that good life a reality.
What wondrous things might await her!

I have been pumping for two years now and want to celebrate my pump Mamie's
birthday in a special way so I am sending a check to Insulin Pumpers in
honor of Mamie who might have landed on the wall many a time had it not been
for the help provided by members of this list.  You see, today I have
gratitude  and I have lived to tell the tale.   I hope Tracey will too.

Denise Guerin
Type 1 45 years

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