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Re: [IP] Diabeties has won(help on the way )

Please let us know if Tracey is ok. I saw this note at about 4 AM and I was
not able to sleep at all. I didn't know what to do. Threatening to take's
one life affects everyone. Even the people reading the list. If Tracey was
threatening and no action was taken it is still a cry for help. 

At 10:17 AM 05/10/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>I work for in lawenforcment. We ran a trace help is on
>the way wating to hear back
>--- Quinn's E-mail <email @ redacted> wrote:
>> Tracey, I hope you're still out there. We all
>> understand your feeling, but don't give up. Diabetes
>> is a disease we can all win at. Fight hard, be
>> positive, and put some faith in the good lord. Call
>> upon him for strength in your battle, he will help
>> you, but you must help yourself! Please do not give
>> up!
>> There has been many times when I thought about
>> giving into diabetes, but, thank god I did not! I
>> even went so far as to rip my pump from my body. I
>> was disgusted, pissed, and tired of being a pin
>> cushion. I did not want to be a test lab monkey any
>> longer. But I realized that I was somebody, whether
>> alone with myself or surronded by individuals, and
>> that I had something to offer to society. You too
>> have something to offer to society.
>> Remember what Jim Valvano said, though he died from
>> cancer, the saying goes for all, "Don't give up,
>> don't ever give up!"
>>     -----Original Message-----
>>     From: Tracey <email @ redacted>
>>     To: Insulin Pumpers
>> <email @ redacted>
>>     Date: Wednesday, May 10, 2000 1:03 AM
>>     Subject: [IP] Diabeties has won
>>     It's 2 am and i haven't a friend in
>> site.........i've decided that i can't handle this
>> diseasse........it has one........i'm offical taking
>> off my pump tonight and no longer going to take my
>> insulin.......i give up.......thanks for letting me
>> a part of this great group......i hope you can help
>> others......bye
>>     Tracey Scott
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