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Re: [IP] Re:Swimming and canoeing

> Michael, Thank you for your input. I am feeling stressed about every
> little change at this point. Does Lilly do something special about
> keeping the tape on with all that swimming?

Lily's prep steps

1) Providine wipe -- let dry
2) remove excess with alcohol wipe -- let dry
3) S&N Skin Prep - let dry
4) apply set -- Tender

it is unusual for her to have a problem with sets comming loose. It 
was more of a problem with the SofSet, she would use the same 
procedure and usually the tape would be fine. Once in a while the 
edges would peel up and she would touch up with some Skin Prep and/or 
add millipore tape to cover the offending edge. She no longer uses 
the SofSet, so that is not a problem.

> I have heard so many
> stories of tape coming loose in the hot weather and with swimming.
> Many people have said that they put tape down on the skin first then
> insert and put tape over. What do you think? Marlee (my daughter)
> didn't like that suggestion!! Does she have a choice?
Well.... she might be intimidated by the Tender/Sil/Comfort sets if 
she has not tried them. It took months to talk my daughter into 
trying them, but after using them alternately with SofSets, she 
decided she liked them better because the "lump" the leave is smaller 
and the require much less tape -- basically none at all except in 
unusual circumstances. The clincher was that if she wears them on her 
upper butt, she can wear a bikini and it does not show.

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