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Re: [IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #161

> Hi, I'm going White Water Rafting for the 
> first time on Thursday. I'm concerned about 
> lowering my basals as well as where to put 
> my pump. I don't generally do a lot of 
> strenuous exercise on a regular basis, but 
> I fear that if I lower my basals I'll end 
> up high and miserable the whole trip. Any
> advice?
As an avid rafter the first thing I want to point out 
is... YOU WILL GET WET (if you manage to stay dry you 
probably didn't enjoy it).

Second, going on the assumption that you won't be 
removing your pump (and this depends on duration of the 
trip, waterproofness of your model, and such), the most 
bodily safe place would be somewhere near your lower 
abdomen or the small of your back.  When tumbling its 
these areas that most people instinctively protect the 
greatest so you'll be less likely to slam into a rock.

Third, for the tubing, I'd make sure you use a short 
length and either wear it ALL under a suit (one spot 
where girls have it better than guys) or tape what 
little is not covered by a suit very securely to your 

And on a fourth note, when (not if) you fall in the 
water, point your feet downstream just slightly bent so 
that you can absorb rock impacts with your legs and 
keep your arms outstretched towards each shore until 
you reach calm enough water to swim to the shore and by 
all means wear a life jacket and a helmet if this is 
your first time.  

Now, if you ever see my go down south fork american 
river you'll think I'm a hypocrite 'cause I don't use 
any life jacket/helmet or even a raft for that matter 
on any of the rapids, but I've been surfing that river 
since I was old enough to paddle and I know the 
currents like the back of my hand.

As to basals, yeah I'd probably lower 'em a bit though 
how much depends on your body, whether you'll be doing 
much paddling (this depends on the severity of the 
rapids, space between rapids, and eagerness of your 
crew), and how sensitive your glucose response is to 
heat (that reflection off the water'll bake you).

Since this'll be your first time I'm sure your river 
guide will take you through something tame... class I, 
maybe II at the worst.

HAVE FUN! (and don't drown)

- -Sara G.

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