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Re: [IP] Diabeties has won

I have been there and done that!!! Just before I was going to Guatemala on a 
mission trip, I was furious with my pump and my diabetes!  I pulled off the 
pump, got out my syringes, swabs etc. and announced to my wonderful husband 
that I had had it.  My blood sugars were still out of control and all my 
testing , etc., were for NOTHING!  The next day I started again with the 
injections, trying to go by what I had done 1 yr. ago.  Needless to say, my 
BS's were all over the place and much worse on the shots!  That of course 
made me REALLY livid!
I am happy to say that within 24 hrs. I was back on the pump.  My brain 
kicked in and I know, just before going on a trip, out of the country, was 
NOT the time to change things!  I hooked up and started pumping.  Was in 
fairly good control on the trip and know now that the pump really is better 
that shots.
Like you, I tend to lean toward frustration and depression when things are 
not the way I want or expect them to be.  Yes, I HATE having Diabetes!  Had 
it for 35 yrs and still wish like ever that I could be NORMAL(?)  Since I am 
not and never will be I will play the hand I have been given and I am 
thrilled with all the new and better methods of testing, injections, pumps, 
etc.  It is so so much better than doing the drops of urine and water in a 
test tube and watching them bubble up to an extremely bad color!  I even 
remember when Diet Rite Cola came out as the only "sugar free" coke.  I also 
remember that it was impossible to ever order diet drinks anywhere without 
people look at you like you were crazy.  We have come a long way baby. So 
what if we are "different."  So is everyone else in one way or another.  
Please, don't give up! Attitude and Education are the key to "making it" in 
this Diabetic World.  You can do it!!
If I can help you in any way please feel free to email me any time.  
I'll be praying for you Tracy.......................Jackie
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