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[IP] Parents & Teachers...Please Read!!!

Thanks for the heads-up.

I am not too worried.  If a few kids in wheelchairs were smashing peoples toes,
we would not be worried that wheelchairs would be banned.

The fully inclusion of diabetics or should I say kids with diabetes in all
school programs is protected by federal law.  Not all people are enjoying this
status, but that is because they are either not informed and being hoodwinked by
ignorant schools or they choose to be discriminated against and will not stand
and fight for those rights.  The US is a place with many provisions for those
that need them, but one seems to be required to do battle in order to experience

My opinion is that schools have no say in where or when your child tests or
eats.  They must follow your and your Dr.'s orders.  Removing a child from the
regular classroom when it is possible to keep them in the classroom is

You can let it happen, if you wish.  You can stop it if you wish.

Now the kids that allegedly attacked others should have due process and be
punished if they actually did the deed.

If kids were poking others with push-pins would we be discussing the expulsion
of pins from the class?


Curtis Lomax

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