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Disetronic batteries, was: Re: [IP] Speaking of Batteries

My experience with the Disetronic batteries during the past 3+ years is my 
02 battery usually significantly outlasts my 03 battery.

The 02 battery is for the motor. If you prime your pump a lot (changing 
tubing frequently, for example), or use a lot of insulin (relative 
statement here), the 02 battery will deplete more rapidly than if you don't 
exercise the motor much.

The 03 battery controls the pump electronics - both processors, all the 
widgets and gizmos that make up the pump's brains. If the pump is doing 
extra work, like calculating a lot of temporary basal rates, recalling 
history information, etc., the 03 battery gets used quicker.

My 03 battery will generally last about 6 - 8 weeks. I use temporary basal 
rates a *lot*. I know others like yourself, who get a slightly longer life 
from the 03 battery. Sounds like your experience is pretty good.

I've not heard of anyone whose 02 battery lasted 5 months, so 
congratulations :-)

BTW, when I've had my 03 battery signal and I'm away from home without a 
spare, I've switched the 02 battery in till I got home, putting the 03 
battery in the 02 compartment. Knowing that the 02 battery 
usually  "outlives" my 03, I use this to my advantage. Note that when you 
take both batteries out like this to switch them, you'll lose the 
information re: insulin remaining in the cartridge, and need to re set the 
clock. Fortunately, the programmed basal rates stay intact with no 
batteries in the pump, so you don't have to reprogram it :-)

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

Sheila Morris wrote:

>Since there was a thread on batteries I have a question for the Dis. pump
>wearers and their batteries.  I started pumping in January, since then I
>have only had to change one battery (#3) in that time period.  Does the
>other battery (#2) usually last this long (5 months and counting...)?
>Sheila Morris
>Wouldn't you know.............
>Just had to retrieve this from my out box......My 02 alarm just went off.
>  But still is that normal for the 02 battery to last so much longer?

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