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Re: [IP] Quick Drops (was "driving while low")

email @ redacted wrote:
> Along the same line this past Saturday.  I took my kids out to dinner and was
> 56 at dinner.  I had a salad and some buffalo wings.  Gave myself a bolus of
> half of what a usually do for this meal.  I didn't feel like I was dropping
> but after dinner, when we left the restaurant, I had no idea I was very low.
> I proceeded to run a red light, hit and run a car and then drive some more
> and finally crash my own car several miles away from the first scene.  My 8
> yr. old had to tell me what happened.  I was only 42 when I crashed the car
> and my son checked me. I have no memory of the hit and run and wouldn't 
> have believed what had happened if I hadn't been told.  I too must have
> experienced one of these quick drops. 

Teresa, this may sound harsh, but your hypo and accident were
preventable. The 56 was WAY too low to start with, AND salad and buffalo
wings are NOT a source of quick carbs. The bolus you gave, even if it
was smaller than usual, only contributed to the hypo -- you needed
carbs, not insulin.

Even if the buffalo wings were breaded and there were beans or croutons
in the salad (you didn't mention), the fat and fiber in your dinner
would make it certain that even those carbs would not be processed fast
enough to reverse the hypo. 

I wonder if you (like me!) are suffering from "numbers creep" -- that
is, thinking that lower or higher numbers than normal are acceptable
because they're not that far off from what you've been seeing.
Basically, ANY number below 70 MUST be treated as a hypo, because you
don't know whether you've just started to drop rapidly or what. 

I'm just grateful that neither you nor your precious children were hurt;
I feel bad for the owner of the other car, and I hope we all can take a
lesson from your experience.

I really needed to express myself honestly here (learning from Sara
URTASEF!), and please do accept my empathy. 


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