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Re: [IP] Re: Type 2 question

Maureen Reagan wrote:
>  I have no idea why he is going into the upper
> 60's when he isn't on any type of meds... my only thought is his pancreas
> must be overproducing and his body might be gaining some sensitivity. 

Your father has the typical Type 2 "too much, too late" syndrome (my
The beta cells are sluggish -- they don't respond to rising BGs soon
enough, and then when they finally do get going, they don't STOP very
easily, either, and then there's a hypo.

Although some will tell you that Type 2 is insulin resistance, and
problems with glucose uptake in the muscles, it's really more than that
- -- there is also a defect in the beta cells -- they're alive, but they
don't work properly. Type 2 can be very fussy to control -- there is no
precision possible, just like in Type 1. 
> One other thought for Nita would be has your friend tested her urine for
> ketones?  With fasting bg that high, I would be worried that she isn't being
> misdiagnosised as T2 when she is T1.

Type 2's can have VERY high BGs at diagnosis -- often, they've had years
of upwardly creeping BGs, and have gotten used to them, so they don't
feel high, even when they are.

The other thing is that an early stage Type 1 may NOT have ketones in
the urine -- ketosis is an indication that things are pretty far gone.
In adults, Type 1 can develop slowly, and the person may have enough
insulin production to prevent ketosis for years.

Basically, most docs go on physical appearance when diagnosing diabetes
in adults over the age of 30. If you're fat, you get diagnosed as Type
2. If you're normal weight, you probably ALSO get diagnosed as Type 2,
and if you're emaciated, you MAY get diagnosed as Type 1. 

Since about 90% of adults DO have Type 2, the docs are usually right.
It's only the folks who just happen to be unusual that have trouble. 

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