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Re: [IP] Quick Drops (was "driving while low")

Along the same line this past Saturday.  I took my kids out to dinner and was 
56 at dinner.  I had a salad and some buffalo wings.  Gave myself a bolus of 
half of what a usually do for this meal.  I didn't feel like I was dropping 
but after dinner, when we left the restaurant, I had no idea I was very low.  
I proceeded to run a red light, hit and run a car and then drive some more 
and finally crash my own car several miles away from the first scene.  My 8 
yr. old had to tell me what happened.  I was only 42 when I crashed the car 
and my son checked me. I have no memory of the hit and run and wouldn't have 
believed what had happened if I hadn't been told.  I too must have 
experienced one of these quick drops.  I hate when something happens like 
this.  No one was hurt in either accident. Thank God.  I'm now back to tested 
everytime I get behind the wheel of the car.  I hope this helps.
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