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[IP] Article on ACE Inhibitors

Greetings all:
    Sorting through bookmarked articles today & came across this one. There 
were numerous inquiries about these medications & their applications after I 
posted about my daughter's latest test results.... thought I'd pass this 
information on as to why or how these drugs can ameliorate diabetic 
predispositions to encounter microvascular complications.
Regards, Renee (pump-mom)
Diabetes Mellitus
ACE inhibitors have a beneficial effect on insulin resistance and glucose 
levels. Since high insulin levels are proatherogenic it is possible that ACE 
inhibitors help neutralize the high risk of atherosclerosis in diabetics. 
Unlike some other antihypertensives ACE inhibitors do not adversely effect 
lipid profiles. This antihypertensive drug family has been shown to reduce 
triglycerides which may be particularly beneficial in diabetics who have a 
high incidence of combined hyperlipidemia. Independent of the hemodynamic 
effects, ACE inhibitors have been shown to prevent proteinuria and renal 
failure. Since diabetes is now responsible for the majority of renal failure 
in this country, any treatment that limits this is clinically important. ACE 
inhibitors have been shown to be superior to other antihypertensive families 
in reducing proteinuria and diabetic nephropathy. Diabetics have selective 
constriction of the glomerular efferent arteriole leading to an increase in 
intraglomerular pressure which in turn causes proteinuria and diabetic 
nephropathy. ACE inhibitors have the unique ability to relax the glomerular 
efferent arteriole. In a landmark study (Lewis et al.) it was shown that in 
IDDM patients with renal failure captopril reduced the subsequent increase in 
creatinine, dialysis, transplantation and death by 50%. The combination of 
the beneficial metabolic profile and renal protection makes ACE inhibitors 
the first choice in treating hypertension in a diabetic patient.
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