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[IP] Parents & Teachers...Please Read!!!

News item on the radio that may be of concern to many:

A middle school here in Ohio (Brookfield or Brookside, I think...didn't
catch it all) is in a safety uproar because three girls used a medical
device to attack other students - yep, you guessed it - lancets.  It seems
that they used them to poke seven other students, who are now being tested
for hepatitus & HIV.  The girls are suspended or expelled, & will be
prosecuted.  I know that a lot of parents here have fought long & hard for
their children's right to test in the classroom...this one could throw us
right back into the dark ages.

Sorry to start the morning out this way...but forwarned is forarmed, & we
just may have to gear up for battle here.  (I'm one of the "grownups" who's
had to face opposition over testing at school - I don't want to see any of
your kids fighting a new fear from others over it.)

"No one ever said that life would be fair...only interesting."
(A quote from my favorite wise woman - my mother)


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