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[IP] Pumping and Time Change for Vacation

Hi, Chris.

< I'm flying to France at the end of this month and my rep told me that I 
should not change the time on my pump all at once. It's a 6 hour difference. >

6 hours and about 30 years. <g>

I live in France and have made the trip often. I don't agree with your rep. 
Here's how I do it -- I change the time on my watch, pump and glucose meter 
as soon as I board the plane. I immediately start observing destination 
time. So, if I board in the U.S. in the evening, I change time to the 
middle of the night and try to go to sleep. I don't watch the movie, gawk 
at the pretty stewardesses, or eat the (lousy) food. I can usually manage 4 
hours sleep this way, which cuts my jet lag from 6 days to 3. When I arrive 
in Paris, I stay awake till evening. If I nap, it's for at most one hour. 
(I also fast the day of the flight, which makes me quite sleepy when I 
board. I break the fast with breakfast at destination time, which is 
usually served on the plane.)

I see no advantage to spreading the pump time change over three days, two 
hours at a time. It's confusing and likely to provoke errors on my part. 
True, my body will take 3 days to adjust, but I'm already doing things 
according to destination time and I want my pump synchronized so basals are 
adjusted on the same clock.

On the way back, same thing. I reset all times to destination as soon as I 
board and follow the appropriate meal schedule. Going west is generally 
easier than going east, though the jet lag lasts 3 days or more. You'll 
probably feel tired early in the evening and wake up very early in the 
morning for a couple of days.

As for everything diabetic, YMMV.

Have a great trip!

regards, Andy

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