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[IP] Vitrectomy 101 Y2K style LONG

Jan H wrote:
>  Have things changed a lot since my vitrectomy 5/6/97?
>  I was not allowed to read for 3 months because eyes scan together
>  and that eye was not allowed to move, but I had unlimited TV;  had 
> to have 15 drops a day which put me mostly to sleep; shower only 
> below the neck; no bending forward; keep surgered eye darkened, 
> which we did with the good eye-side of clip-on sunglasses cut off; 
>sleep elevated

Times they are a changing,,,,So here is the scoop on the latest and greatest 
in retinal technology...and my (sit down for this), AMAZINGLY perfect 
experience with medical professionals

I went in last Wednesday morning.  BGs had been holding between 150 and 190 
despite a Tuesday Chinese dinner...checked every 20 minutes prior to surgery, 
ranging between 180 and 193, which was PERFECT.  I was somewhat nervous (to 
say the least) as my friend who had rode the train there with me had to leave 
to get to class...so I am sitting in the waiting room alone....finally I get 
called...I put on the gown, AND pants (yay) no necked butt, AND a robe!!! and 
go sit in a big ass Lazy boy recliner while they do bp and temp and ask me 
the same questions over and over...they did try to take the meter away, but I 
insisted, as you knew I would, so they gave me another baggy for it (as if 
mine was not good enough)

SOMEHOW, my doctor's ordered general anesthetic didn't' make it to my 
hospital chart and the nurse said, OK so you are going to get a local here.  
I said "no, it was general," and he said "no the chart said local" and I said 
"well then get my clothes cuz I ain't having it then..." so he didn't say 
anything else but they made a few calls.  

As I said, I was kinda nervous...and a nice nurse must have read the panic in 
my eyes and asked if I wanted "alittle something"  bring it own I said...and 
they brought me a nice valium...more questions...then they wheel me this nice 
armchair into the pre-op room...The anesthesia nurse comes by...Nice Irish 
accent, looks through my chart,,,,now there is a letter in there from the 
internist who did my pre-op testing that basically said I was to keep my pump 
and what my bg ranges were supposed to be and what the sliding scale for 
insulin should be, AND that I should have a dextrose drip.  When the 
internist WROTE the letter, I told him I wanted my target 175 - 200, and he 
wrote 140-160 in the letter.  I told him 1 unit of insulin can lower me as 
much as 65 points, and he put my sliding scale as 1 to 50, and I TOLD him I 
wanted a saline drip but he said there really wasn't any need to be worried 
about such a tiny amount of glucose...

The Irish nurse looks at this, and looks at me with raised eyebrows?  
dextrose drip?  she says?  I told her I didn't want it, that the internist 
had no clue about how I worked, and that I didn't even know why he had 
written the letter...She rolls her eyes and flips the letter to the back of 
the file...."Saline it tis, dearie!!!"  Of course my veins gave her grief and 
I ended up having the IV put in my hand...OWWW.  Few minutes later, she 
slides is some nice VERSID (ask for it by name).  Right then, Dr. FIsher (all 
say Hallelujah to the great and powerful KING DOCTOR), and I gave him a copy 
of posts from here from Renee and Ali, who both had said nice things about 
him, and again promised him cookies....and then... I woke up

Only my one eye was bandaged, unlike both when I had it in 1994.  There was 
no nausea or puking, also unlike I had in 1994...I took a while to come out 
of the GENERAL anesthesia...guess it felt so good to have such hard dreamless 
sleep, but finally I did...I did a bg and couldn't read the number so they 
told me it was 269...I was kinda bummed about that, but bolused 2 units.  My 
boss was there when I got my OWN clothes back on...we walked 
outside....hailed a cab...and was home...in 25 minutes.  My bg then was 
98...in checking the memory, the so-called 269 was ACTUALLY only 219 - those 
idiots...so my bg went from 183 pre op to 219 post - not bad for a red neck!!!

Basically I slept the rest of the day...My doctor called me about 7:30 and 
gave me his HOME phone number.  Next am I took the subway alone to the doc.  
he took off bandage, said looks good, surgery went well, he left the lens and 
the cataract had remained stable so that was good...gave me some 
prescriptions and sent me home.  I could watch TV, go to a movie or go out to 
eat, but no power walking...In 1994 I had to wear a patch on that eye all day 
for the first week, and a little plastic guard at night for 3 weeks after 
that to keep me from hitting it...NONE of that.

Mom came out on Friday and helped me stay really bored.  She went to the doc 
with me on Monday, where he said I was definitely doing well.  No 
inflammation, no swelling, no infection.  He explained this crap to my mom 
and she seemed to understand FINALLY, and showed her his neat -o cool high 
tech ultrasound machine...I could SEE there was no more big chunks of gook in 
there...looks just like a lite dusting of talcum powder now...He says this 
may take up to 6 weeks to fully clear, since he left the lens in.  If he had 
had to take lens out, then it would have cleared in a week, but the lens in 
makes it harder to the blood to get out...BUT if he had taken lens out if 
would have been a WHILE before I could get an implant of a contact lens and I 
would be virtually blind in that eye...

So to sum up, I still don't have much vision in that eye, but it is there and 
there are no black swirls and clumps.  The peripheral vision seems to still 
be there, as does the color, both of which have been destroyed in the 1994 
eye, AND my pupil is still round, which is NOT the case on the other eye.

I asked him if I should not be working on the computer or reading...He was 
like bah...you are gonna jiggle your eyes, just watching TV or talking to 
someone...so don't worry about it....good....His exact words were I looked 
really good SO FAR.  He wants me to stay home this week and I will...he wants 
me to stay home next week too, and we will see if I can sit still that long.  
There is STILL some vitreous in there, around the lens, so there is always 
the chance it could bleed...he can't laser there cause that would result in 
an immediate cataract....I could still bleed from the laser he did do, until 
it heals up, so no bending lifting and sleep with head elevated.  now it is 
just literally wait and see

To everyone who sent their support and love and kind words, calls and notes, 
thank you thank thank you!  It was much appreciated, and I am grateful to all 
of you for putting up with my eye saga for so long...hopefully it is nearly 

Love Sara
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