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Re: [IP] Type 2 question

This is yet another reason why I have resigned from the hospital routine.

My father was diagnosed Type II at age 72.
He too was sent home to "watch what you eat."
He was down to 110 lb. 
Ketoses met you before the front door was opened.

I fought for "Instruction," because I am my father's child. There was no 
value in what I had to say.
I PAID for a dietitian to visit in the home.
He stated "She is telling me everything YOU have said I should be doing."

At 86 my Dad died with:

- -Blindness in left eye, cataract right eye
- -Hypertension
- -Renal failure
- -Amputation of right foot and later below the knee
- -Left foot near time of his death also surrendered to gangrene.

Medical records routinely state "Patient noncompliant... "
I reviewed medical records for a diabetic research grant study in a 
government hospital. In relatively short time I saw a pattern of care. I 
simply could go directly to the laboratory results and determine SEX and RACE 
according to the lab tests ordered for diabetic patients. ALL gave their time 
and service for our security. However SAME diagnosis did not render the SAME 
methods for care in treatment. My assistant and the study physician verified 
my findings.

I was dx'd 1966 at age 17. I was told I would not see age 30. I will be 49 
next BD.
I am still complication free.
As with Caesar and the Christians, thumbs down will be the response from 
INSURANCE because there are NO EXCEPTIONS.

I am grateful that vengeance belongs to GOD!

Simply hurting,
Feel free to email:
email @ redacted


We pay all or percentage for the health care BENEFITS, yet most if not all of 
us in time of need must change hats. WE must be nurse, social worker and own 
self-care giver.

- - WE PLEAD  


Attitude is Everything.

Have a positive attitude when looking for ways to solve the problems that you 
can solve.

Emphasize attitude through your posture, your moves, your voice, and always 
in your presence.

Your attitude is something other people can actually see.

Anything you do with a positive attitude will work for you.

and all priorities will be met.

God Bless,
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