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Re: [IP] Insulin resistance one week before menstruation

Although I am not on the pump yet I have a similar problem at that time of the
month.  Not as severe as yours though.  I take insulin shots.  I was trying to
start my period just this past weekend and like always - that last couple of days
I run very high.  I always have to take extra short acting insulin and really
watch what I eat.  Fifteen minutes after I started on Sunday evening, I dropped
to 45.  That always happens every month too!  I had taken my shot about an hour
earlier and 15 minutes after I ate I dropped that low!  I did read something a
long time ago about the blood sugars running higher before a period. The was
actually a scientific explanation for this but I don't remember what it was.  I
just know I have to really watch it at this time.  At least I know I am not

email @ redacted wrote:

> For the week before I menstruate I become almost completely resistant to
> insulin.  Before I realized it always happens at this time, I was changing
> the IP infusion sets several times thinking this was the cause for the sky
> high bgs (350-450).  Its very frustrating and scarey that no matter how much
> I seem to bolus  or increase basal rates, it won't come down.  Manual
> injections of 10 units Humalog will bring my bg down after about three
> hours., but not by much.  The first day of my period, my bgs come all the was
> down to normal; but this is after a week of complete worry and frustration.
> Has anyone had a similar experience and if so, what works for you?  (By the
> way I'm D for over 40 years- on IP for one year.   Karen
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