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Re: [IP] Gail Steele


Thanks for responding to my profile.  I didn't start thinking about the pump until that
happened to me last week.  It was the first time it ever happened while I was driving.  I am
still shook up about it!  I spent all day Sunday on the internet researching the pump and
finding out as much as I could.  I was really excited about it but today I started having
second thoughts.  I started thinking about how unattractive it will look having that tube
taped to my stomach when it is just "me and my husband".  He says he doesn't care what it
looks like.  He is all for me doing this.  I guess what I am feeling right now is probably
normal.  Can you tell me if it is?  And if so, will get past that?  There are still things
that I am wondering about the pump.  Like how much insulin does it hold?  Is it a vial of
insulin or something else?  I feel like I am asking stupid questions but I keep scanning
everything in hopes of finding answers.  Anything you can provide me with would help!  I did
find out that my health insurance will cover the pump.  All but $100.  Thanks again for your


denise poole wrote:

> Welcome to the list Gail! You and I seem to have some things in common here. I
> am 43 and have had DM since I was 13. I also was very "brittle" while on
> shots. A little over 3 years ago, on my way from just leaving my PCP, I knew
> my driving was "off". I figured I lived so close it was nothing to worry
> about. I drove all the way to the to the corner store by my sub-division, went
> in the store with the intention of getting something
> to treat my low with. Well I guess I was too far gone by then, couldn't make
> up my mind what to buy, so I got back in my car to finish the 3 0r 4 blocks
> drive home. Well I didn't make it! I passed out and totaled my car when I
> drove into a telephone pole! Luckily I didn't hurt anyone but myself, a broken
> sternum and rib. Well immediately after that, my PCP sent me to a Endo and she
> suggested the pump. I was like you, thought it was something they had to
> surgically implant, became depressed at he idea. Well 3 months later I was
> hooked up and I can tell you it's the greatest thing I ever did for my
> control! I think you will benefit from a pump too, especially for hypoglycemia
> problems especially. Denise

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