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[IP] A diabetic moment

Last night I felt a low coming on. i tested on my DEX and it came out
99.     I felt lower than that!   At the bottom of the 99 was a message I
hadn't seen before:     .wd  Le:8

I checked the manual  with no luck. I tested again and got a bg in the
SIXTIES, which felt right. I had a couple of Tofutti cuties (hi G. index)
while I called the DEX number. I talked to Cindy in Salt Lake City. She was
very nice. She checked with her supervisor who was also baffled.
Immediately they offered me a new pump, but they asked me to run through
some things. I tested again and got a 327, then a 128, and a 130.

 The 300 plus score was probably due to my leaving the "strip" in contact
with the blood after the beep had gone off.

She had me scroll through the last readings untill we came up with the
original problem. Immediately I saw my mistake. I was so embarrased she
offered to send me a new box of disks!

Can you figure out my mistake?

- -----------------------------------------------------

I got a call from a manufacturer that my pump had been approved by my
insurance. Trouble is it is not the pump I have selected. Wish me luck.
Advice taken privately!

- ----------------------------------------------------

Go Jazz!. I promised Cindy I would say that.

Bob A

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