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[IP] Quick Drops (was "driving while low")

> I have been reading with interest,  the subject of driving while low.  I
> have driven home from work when we lived in CO and always test my blood
> I walk in the door and have had it be 43, think no way can it be that low
> and test again and have it be 36, and feel fine.  That was the first time
> experienced hypo unawareness, and it is a scary feeling.  I do test before
> drive and after I get to where I am going.  But the unawareness is a very
> scary thing.  I sometimes feel hypo when it's 62 but not when it's 43


I don't know if you've ever heard anything about this - I didn't until it
came up on the list, I think last fall - but the strength of your
hypoglycemic symptoms can be seen in relation to the "speed of the drop" in
numbers.  For instance, if you had been dropping at a slow/gradual rate over
a period of time (maybe several hours), you might reach 50 & feel
nothing...maybe no symptoms until 30 or into the 20's even.  On the other
hand, if you have a rapid-drop situation ...say, unaccustomed heavy exercise
or overcalculating the bolus for food, or an extreme emotional response
(some people dip low with this) & it causes you to drop from 180 to 70 in a
very short time (20-30 min?), then you are likely to feel symptoms at 70 or
even 80, because your body has gone through that shift very quickly.  I am
not a scientist (nor do I ever want to play one on TV), but once I got a
grasp of this concept, many of my own responses as far as having awareness
or not made a lot more sense to me!


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