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I'm back!....(Re: [IP] Drivers lincense/driving low)

Hey There!

We've been pretty much forced offline for most of the past 3 weeks, due to
some serious relationship issues between my husband & the computer (I've
been trying to get them into counselling, but they both seem to be heavily
in denial...you know how that goes!), so I am FINALLY getting to skim
through a few thousand e-mails.  Now I haven't read all of the responses to
the issue in my subject line here, so perhaps this has already been said -
if not, it should be.  Those seeking info about driving laws in various
states:  a couple of lengthy threads ran concerning this last fall - check
the archives & you may find the info you seek (about restrictions, your own
state, etc.) & then some.  ALWAYS be aware that if you are really interested
in knowing something, the answers may be sitting at the website...& many
people who might have a very valuable response to your inquiry may not post
it, if they know they have already done so in the past, & that we've all got
access to check that out.

As far as the subject at hand goes, I agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY that EVERY
diabetic should test before driving...& I very seldom make that kind of a
sweeping statement.  Yes, I'm sure many of us have a very good sense of
being able to gauge our own ability/awareness/potential hypoglycemia levels,
& I'm glad of that.  But can ANY of us ABSOLUTELY GUARUNTEE that we will
NEVER have an unexpected low catch us off guard???  No, no, and NO!  I had
that complacancy & arrogant self-assurance at one time (yes, in myself  I
will call it "arrogant" - no reference intended toward anyone out there with
a propensity for taking things personally)...until one night a few years ago
when I was returning from an evening rehearsal at the high school & went way
low on the way home.  I think I got "fuzzy" about 3 miles into the 13-mile
trip.  My husband (fiancee, at the time) was following me, thank goodness -
& I gave him the most frightening ride of his life.  When he realized I was
weaving, he tried several ways to signal me (flashing lights, horn, etc.) to
no avail.  By the time he figured out he was going to have to pass me & cut
me off before I killed someone, he couldn't...I was now in the middle of
town, driving straight through red-lights (I guess they don't have the same
meaning in the world of hypoglycemia) & stop signs, & causing other people
to swerve off the road (BOTH sides) in self defense.  When I did stop, he
jumped out of his truck & ran up, & began pounding on the driver's side
window to get my attention, yelling for me to open the door.  Since I
couldn't figure out how to work the door lock or the window, I sat &
cried...now there's a reasonable plan!  He finally talked & signalled me
into understanding how to operate the door, then fed me glucose tablets &
put me in the passenger side, drove me home, then (once I was okay & sitting
up eating <sugar back up to 60 - close to 1/2 hour & many tabs & carbos
later>) walked back (several miles) to recover his truck.  That was the
night I understood that, if I didn't test, I was a DANGER to other people,
no different (& potentially MUCH WORSE) that a drunk driver.  In the twelve
years prior to that I had never had a driving low...so of course, it could
never happen, right?  Hard to imagine that I (or anyone else) would have
found much comfort in that thought attending the funeral services of someone
who might NOT have had the quick reflexes to get out of my way.

And yes, when I first moved to Ohio & went to transfer my driver's license,
I was aggrivated with all the runaround I felt I was being given, having to
produce a doctor's approval which then had to be approved by the state
administration.  But you know what?  It makes a WHOLE lot more sense to me
now.  And to anyone who has not had this kind of a wakeup call - my prayer
for you (for the sake of all) is that you do come to a realization of the
need for testing, & that your wakeup call is not a fatal one.

Enough gloom & doom already!  I have really MISSED a lot of the friendly
voices on here & the wisdom they share...thank you for being the kind of
folks who are good to come home to!!

Swimming in old mail,

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