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[IP] This is getting serious

>  She cannot stop asking for food, even after eating.  Her TDD is
> creeping up, up, up.  Her weight is up, up, up.  She is suffering
> hunger pains many, many times a day.  Her AIc was just 6.4.  I'm
> wondering if I lowered her basals, even lower than they should be,
> if this would help take away some of the hunger she suffers?

Growth is accompanied by an increase in growth hormone, an insulin
antagonist. This makes the TDD go up.Makes her less Glucose tolerant and
raises A1c levels.All kids go thru this as Michael points out it will get
worse. They do get kind of heavy and rather 'clunky looking" then they grow
and become slimmer. My daughters went thru this several times but they were
not diabetic. When they were older and we had some boys around the house,
talk about eating! I was astounded at what the normal healthy boys could
eat. This is a consequence of normal growth. Diabetic kids with pumps are
growing better than the non-pumping diabetic kids who are often of smaller
stature There will always be some reduced ability to handle glucose at these
times. If the basels are doing their job I would leave them as they are. You
will have to raise them later as always:happens YCMMV*
consult your ped endo before making any changes to basal rates
* Your child's mileage may vary.
 Andy Bender
email @ redacted

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