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[IP] Re: Type 2 question

<snip>I recently overheard an elderly gentleman ordering =
breakfast -- the usual "I can't have any sugar." So he ordered oatmeal/milk=
 with brown sugar!!! Both he and his wife thought he did great.

I had to bite my tongue -- hard -- to keep from saying something.<snip>

Now I know not everyone is as outspoken enough to be able to do this, but I
would not have bit my tongue!  I have given many "mini-lectures" just about
everywhere when I hear comments like that.  I will do it in the grocery
store, resturantes, the line at the bank, soccor games, just about wherever.
This is much to the frustration of my father, and to the pride of my mother.
I try not to tell them that they are "wrong" (especially if I don't know
them), but I just randomly strike up a conversation/lecture about
carbohydrates.  My typical first line is "Did you know that a large baked
potato has more sugar in it than some candy bars?"  I always include how a
potato has more nutrients and is better for you, but it still does have
"sugar" (sometimes I get into simple vs. complex carbs, but it depends).  I
usually wind up saying something about going to the library and looking at
books about carbohydrates.  Not that there aren't bad books about carbs, but
at least I might get someone thinking and questioning more.  I would say ask
your doctor, but I don't particularly have faith in them.

Today I had an appointment with my endo (arg, couldn't get my A1c results at
the appointment due to the strike that the university that the hospital is
associated with is having) but I mentioned how I am trying to convince my
dad to see an endo.  After 5 YEARS of being around 200 (yes his doctorS knew
about this), I have recently convinced him to take it seriously and pressure
his doc about it.  I said to my endo that my dad's doctor told him "ask your
daughter, she knows more about diabetes".  My endo was unphased by this and
said that it was "typical".  While diet is doing my dad wonders, I wish he
would see an endo.  Recently he has started to experience lows (for quite a
while after I first got him 'watching' his diet, he felt many 'lows' at
100-110).  I have a minimal understanding of type 2 meds, and prefer not to
play doctor, but at this point, I would rather continue to play doctor a
little (in advising my dad to continue testing his bg, and telling him that
below 140 is definately a good thing) until he sees a doctor who IS willing
to treat type 2 seriously.  I have no idea why he is going into the upper
60's when he isn't on any type of meds... my only thought is his pancreas
must be overproducing and his body might be gaining some sensitivity.  Any
ideas on how to convince a very stubborn father into seeing a new doctor?
:-)  Other than being the very stubborn daughter who keeps pushing the issue
(I'm really good at that)

One other thought for Nita would be has your friend tested her urine for
ketones?  With fasting bg that high, I would be worried that she isn't being
misdiagnosised as T2 when she is T1.


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