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[IP] Re: the look of the new DTRON

<snip> I'm afraid I find no reason to even consider how a pump
looks, or its color <snip>
Coming from a person who one of her final "pushes" in choosing one pump over
the other was because of looks, I have to disagree with you.

<snip> I wouldn't
mind if it had 'INSULIN PUMP' in big red letters plastered
all over it. <snip>
I would for the fact I hate tacky things (most of the time).  However if it
was the only way I could use a pump, then I would.  However, seeing that MM
and D (and I assume A) make very good products that all work, the looks does
factor in.

<snip>  When I pull mine out and if anyone notices
it, I will go into a long diatribe about the benefits of a
pump and how it allows me to eat like normal people.  No
one ever takes a second  notice of it.  I think that if I
tried to pass it off as a pager, it would look like I'm
hiding something, which would cause even more notice. <snip>
I too will go into long explainations about the benifits of pumping.  I
don't try to pass Jude off as anything.  I wear him all of the time.  I
expect questions when I'm walking around in a bathing suit with him clipped
to the back of it.  However, I rarely get questioned (although I have had
more and more people come up to me at least having heard about the pump
before).  Jude is not hiden, neither is my testing.  Currently my meters
aren't really "decorated" but especially during high school, I would
periodically do things to my meters to make them "look better" (since they
are relatively cheap, I don't mind painting, putting stickers, etc. on them)

<snip> I
just keep mine in my pants pocket and would think that
being thinner would also lessen the bulge, making it more
confortable. <snip>
Jude is just about always clipped to the right waistband of my pants.  He is
just about always in view.  Since he is such a part of my daily wardrobe, I
do think about his "looks".  I really like how MM looks more than D, and it
was part of my consideration.  Maybe I'm just being a self-conscious early
20's person concerned about appearence, but it makes a difference to me.

Just my $.02

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