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Re: [IP] MiniMed supplies Part II

Hi...I wrote a response to this supply problem very late the other night 
and it didn't post for some reason (half asleep?).
I wrote that I would recommend Liberator Medical Supply since they bend 
over backwards to service their customers. My CDE is going to donate a 
bunch of older pumps to them to offer to those in need....as I posted 
awhile back, they will take responsibility legally and even donate them to 
specified people. Most of their staff are pumpers so they are very 
knowledgeable as well as understanding of the crisis that running out of 
supplies can mean!! They can be reached at 1-800-323-0914 or you can call 
my Patient Care Specialist there, Corinne Anderson, at 
1-800-755-7880....they also have a website at www.liberatormedical.com. 
They can be contacted to help wade through the insurance battle, to donate 
your old pumps for other needy people, request one of the donated pumps or 
just to get more reliable supply delivery. They are a great bunch to deal 
with and helped me tremendously as I struggled to find a decent doctor that 
was very pro pump, figure out a way for my insurance to completely cover my 
pump and SIX months of supplies and they are helping me get my CPAP machine 
for my sleep apnea (I went for a sleep study last night....had one in 1997 
with an HMO with a diagnosis of severe apnea and NO treatment. My apnea is 
even WORSE according to last night's readings and tonight I go back to be 
"trained" on a CPAP machine!!....Corinne will be sending me my machine even 
BEFORE the insurance pays them!!)
I have been pumping 4 days now and LOVE it....it took two days for me to 
stop thinking to automatically MDI....bolusing is a piece of cake (and soon 
I will be able to EAT that cake!! LOL)   Carole Eve

At 09:35 PM 5/8/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Doreen and [IP] world,
>thanks for the notes.  Wanted to follow up on my mini-drama(no pun intended)
>with my pump supplies.
>Just finished the day with another five, yes 5, phone calls and two emails
>between Minimed and Gentiva(the company that Cigna  Insurance uses to
>process pump supplies) and I think it has finally been resolved.  I had to
>overnight the 4 boxes of Sof-set Standard's. Luckily, there was three
>'trials' of the Sof-set Micro's waiting on my door step when I got home.  I
>was pretty close to packing everything (including the pump) in a box,
>sending it back to Minimed and going back to 4 shots a day until I could get
>another pump from a different manufacturer.
>The rep that finally seemed to have her act together, took only 8 minutes to
>1) Listen to and ask questions about the problem, 2)Check on Minimed's side
>to verify and see what could be done to remedy the situation and 3) gave me
>instructions on what I needed to do and what Minimed was going to do to
>solve the problem.  Simple, straight forward and refreshing to hear that
>someone at Minimed does have a clue.
>I also received an email from a rep that provided the standard excuses of
>'...unusually high volume in orders', '...new reps', '...insurance company
>dragging its feet', '...the go between company dropping the ball with the
>initial order' and '...Oh ya, we might of made one or two mistakes'.
>My response back to her was:
>..., I do understand that issues arise and problems can occur, and I am
>always willing to listen when a solution is provided to solve the problem.
>I am not sure what the circumstances were that caused this problem but I
>feel that Minimed as well as Gentiva share responsibility in this fiasco.
>Frankly, I'm not interested in pointed fingers and excuses.  I'm a diabetic
>and I'm only interested in my good health.  Getting my supplies on time with
>less than 3 phone calls seems like a reasonable expectation in maintaining
>my good health.  Anything beyond that has a negative impact to my good
>health and points to problems with the system or people running the system.
>I suggest that Minimed and Gentiva see how situations like this can be
>avoided in the future.
>Well I'm done ranting and raving now...that is unless I don't see 4 boxes of
>Sof-set Micro's in the mail soon.  I think I made enough of a stink that
>Minimed will take a look at making sure something like this won't happen
>again.  I know one thing,  they know how to say my last name now. ;-)
>(pronounced K' noff)
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