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[IP] A compliment I don't believe I deserved

Dear List,
I got my EPO shot and lab test today and the facility was having a health
fair. I was able to teach many of them about pumping. 8^)  When I got to the
foot venue the lady said, "You are a diabetic and have a ****** pump (don't
recall the words she used but sounded like implanted)." I had *never* seen
her before in my life (inside joke w/hugsband)." She even named my endo at
the time and described my checkbook box-sized pump at that time. We're
talking 3 mos. short of 17 yrs ago! I asked her how she knew. She said she
took care of me in the hosp. - I was there 5-7 days to get pump - and I was
the most compliant DM patient she ever had. She even bragged on me to the
footologist who checked my sensitivity. I passed, 10 out of 10.

Frankly, I think SHE has lost HER memory. Back in '83 I was doing visual BGs
and that for just a year. Before that were the pee tests and since the
results were useless, I didn't do that many. I had neuropathy of my feet and
they burned so much I took naps to escape the pain. I thought amputation was
the cure - the pump and my endo's Rx's helped tremendously.

She said I am an example of good care. I still think it's the luck of the
gene pool because I had no encouragement other than to eat anything I wanted
since I'd die young anyway. We had no way of adjusting insulin intake other
than the 3-month BG at the lab. No A1c's either.

Just thought I'd share.
So, there.
Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50)

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