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[IP] RE: morning glucose sensitivity

> Hello gang!
> I have noticed that I am more effected by
> foods in the morning then at other times of
> the day.  Any one else find this?
 This is the case for me also. I found that increasing my basals as if I
have a dawn phenomenon greatly reduces the problem for me. YMMV. My pattern
was something like this: fasting sugar around 100. If I didn't eat and
didn't bolus my sugar would be 150+ by noon (noon phenomenon???). If I ate
breakfast my sugar would be 230-250 one hour later and 180-200 at two hours.
If I took a large enough bolus to reduce the spike I would drop too low at 4
hours. If I just accepted the spike I would almost always be back to 90-100
just prior to the noon meal. Since increasing my basals I still have a good
fasting glucose. I have reduced the post meal readings to about 200 at one
hour and 150 or so at 2 hours. Interestingly enough I do not drop too low if
I skip breakfast. This scenario only happens at breakfast. I do fine through
the rest of the day. I assume it is early morning insulin resistance causing
this but I don't know for sure.


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