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[IP] Type 2s

 Sara Said: Another thing she can do, if she's on the Internet is start 
reading the
list email @ redacted -- there are a lot of Type 2's there, and
people willing to answer the most basic questions. Subscription is
email @ redacted

I'm sending this publicly because I don't think you're the only one who
is trying to help a Type 2.
Sara with her ducks always in a row..she may be anal about it, but we love 
her to death.

That is why I asked about my friend who is type 2 and needs much help in 
the Knoxville.  Thanks but Atlanta is a bit far.   Should be someone at UT 
which is right there.  You, the group have sent several suggestions and I 
have forwarded them on, plus stuff from the net (like email @ redacted).  This 
woman, old school chum, with whom I spent four days last week, had not 
tested in months - insurance doesn't pay for test strips for type 2s (is 
that right???), didn't know about carb counting, and her doctor just told 
her to lose weight and nothing else.  After watching me for a day or two 
she asked me to test her..I did (with new pin). She was 295.  We began 
testing together the rest of the time, and she never got below 250 for 
three days. No wonder she doesn't feel good.  But, after this weekend, I 
truly believe she is much more committed to finding a specialist, working 
on her health from all angles and getting her bgs lower.  She was 
overwhelmed at my consistent good bgs even after we ate the same things and 
walked the same places.

So, like Sara, I am apalled at the attitude of the doctors about type 2s. 

Thanks for all the good suggestions from this group.  Only a few doctors in 
the Knoxville area were recommended from this group, but I sent them all.
Bonnie Richardson


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