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Re: [IP] This is getting serious

> My 10 yo, whose basals seem correct, has gotten frantically hungry
> the past few months.  This was not her pattern before pumping, ever.
>  She cannot stop asking for food, even after eating.  Her TDD is
> creeping up, up, up.  Her weight is up, up, up.  She is suffering
> hunger pains many, many times a day.  Her AIc was just 6.4.  I'm
> wondering if I lowered her basals, even lower than they should be,
> if this would help take away some of the hunger she suffers?

She is growing -- feed her! They do that at this age.

Michael (dad to several previously chubby 10 yo's)

>  I
> don't want to tell her she is getting chubby, and don't want to tell
> her she eats too much, because the hunger seems real and is not her
> fault.  WE have good snacks and meals.  I don't need education of
> diet.  She is a bottomless pit and it is getting worse and worse. 
> Help!  Holly

Good luck with the bottomless pit -- my experience tells me it will 
get deeper heh... heh...
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