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[IP] Swimming - Canoeing

> Hi, My daughter started pumping April vacation. Things are going
> pretty well. I have a ? regarding swimming in a lake. She is wearing
> a 508MM and will be going to an overnight camp, not diabetes. All
> swimming and boating is on a lake and my concern is with cleanliness
> and infections. Do you need to take any precutions with lake water

My daughter has been swimming in lakes for years, just got back from 
a weekend diving in the Pacific. No special precautions, just 
disconnected and reconnected.

> and is the waterproof case good enough for a canoe that may tip
> over? My daughter says that for swimming she wants to disconnect but
> I think she should stay connected for canoeing. I will take any and
> all input.

Case for canoeing, disconnect for swimming. She might need a little 
snack to keep her bg's normal if the lake water is very cold. Not 
much, Lily uses about 10grams of powerbar, crackers or candy.

As always, YMMV on this.
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