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[IP] My letter

Since I put the IPers Group on my CC, I thought I better share what I wrote 
and am about to mail.  Constructive critiques encouraged

"May 9, 2000

Mr. Al Mann
Chief Executive Officer
MiniMed Incorporated
12744 San Fernando Road
Sylnar, CA 91342

Dear Mr. Mann:

Wearing a MiniMed Pump for the past 4.5 years has brought my HbAic levels 
from 12% to 5.8%.   This wonderful portable pancreas of MiniMed's has 
brought me and many other users tremendous freedom, happiness, wellness and 
peace of mind.  According to my doctor, it has, and will continue, to bring 
me a wonderful quality of life - not many things can do that for a person. 
 Thanks to all at MiniMed who have helped make a product that has such 
tremendous value to so many people.  My family and I will be eternally 
grateful for your role in prolonging my life in high quality.

I am a senior citizen and my medical expenses are higher the average 
person.   Insurance helps, and helps with my MiniMed supplies, thank God, 
but it does not cover my prescriptions and they run over $400 monthly.

Two-thirds of my MiniMed supplies are always thrown in the garbage.  These 
supplies for which my insurance has paid 80% and I have paid 20% of the 
cost are unecessary.   This is very disturbing to me.  This kind of action 
also keeps the medical insurance rates high.  Perhaps you own stock in some 
of the insurance companies, in which case this appeal will not be any 

II use Silhouettes infusion sets, 43"  MMT-372, Combo Packs.  Due to site 
problems, I frequently change sites and use about 4 canalas (X10) to every 
reservoir and tubing set.

There are times when a site on my body is just not absorbing and I have 
been known to change sites 3 times in one evening.  After all, when you are 
sticking holes in your abdomen area for 15 years, some bad spots are going 
to appear.  I have jokingly (only half-jokingly) requested to my "Insulin 
Pumpers Group" on-line, that someone invent a "site finder" sort of like a 
"stud finder" which will roll over our stomachs, hips, etc., and detect a 
clear area and put a little mark so we know to insert a set there for a 
good site.

The point is that due to these site problems, I have thrown away miles and 
miles of unused, unnecessarily purchased tubing.  Wasted money, time, 
energy?.not a good thing.   What is even worse to me is that you already 
package (or Maersk does) the canalas separately you just won't sell them 

This is pure greed.   And it is not fair.  And I don't like it.

I am requesting, as so many of us have, that you sell the silhouette 
infusion set canalas in separate packaging.    This will allow us to 
purchase only what we need.

There are over 2000 insulin pumpers on the Internet Insulin Pumpers Group 
and 99% of us encourage every type 1 diabetic and some type 2s to use an 
insulin pump.  We are mostly MiniMed users.  We are your best salesman and 
promoters (and educators).  We have helped MiniMed become successful.

Many of us have requested that you sell Silhouettes canalas separately. 
 You have chosen to remain unnecessarily greedy.

I am again asking you to reconsider your position and sell them separately. 

Thank you."

Bonnie Richardson

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