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Re: [IP] Type 2 question

Yes, Sad to say it's very much how the docs handle Type II. The other =
usual treatment is to tell the patient that with diet and weight loss, the =
diabetes will "go away"!!!

So we go home, do our best to lose weight by eating a "doomed-to-failure" =
kind of diet -- usually photocopy given to us by the doc, with no =
explanation. When it doesn't suceed, we're put on pills and told to keep =
our bs down. No guidelines as to what we're aiming for. Certainly no =
information about the complications waiting down the road for us if we =
don't keep our bs "down."

I feel like I'm one of the fortunate ones -- DKA forced the doc to put me =
on insulin, and I finally got some education/information while in the =
hospital. Realizing that this stuff really can KILL me at best and make my =
life totally miserable at worst I got the message. Got on the Web and =
found information about carb counting. And eventually found my way to a =
pump and then this list.=20

You're absolutely right -- it's totally crazy making to see how many Type =
IIs are being treated. I recently overheard an elderly gentleman ordering =
breakfast -- the usual "I can't have any sugar." So he ordered oatmeal/milk=
 with brown sugar!!! Both he and his wife thought he did great.

I had to bite my tongue -- hard -- to keep from saying something.


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